She Loves Without Limits - Gold Edition - MP1 - 40x50

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A fine art print embellished by hand with gold foil. Gold placement is different on every print. Each piece is unique, a 1 of 1.

40 x 50 cms (frame and matt not included). Due to gold foil, it is recommended that this artwork is framed with a matt.

 Series MP


She is…passionate

She is…beautifully refined

She loves without limits


Broad sweeps of peony hues and hot pink brush strokes sit with granulated washes of sodalite genuine, deep blue and inky black watercolour.

"Sodalite.... with a distinctive deep blue colour it is one of the components of Lapis Lazuli and very rare.... (it is of the) finest quality and deepest blue that comes from Greenland and the flanks of Italy’s Mt. Vesuvius. In watercolour, the inky colour of this semi precious stone granulates as it dries, layering a blue-black textural surface on a smooth blue-gray undertone"

A modern, chic, abstract print for the home. Learn more about the inspiration behind this art, #artforaatei .