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You Are My Rock Vol. 2

Celebrating the special people who are our biggest cheerleaders in life - our rocks!

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Art that celebrates friendship and sisterhood

Connecting you to the people who help, guide and inspire you.

Bond Beyond Words: Abstract original paintings & prints that capture the beauty of friendship and sisterhood - portraying the strength, joy, and deep connections shared between kindred spirits.

behind the name

aatei (pronounced ah-tay) is a poetic spelling of the Filipino word "ate" meaning elder sister and is our term of endearment towards the people that have meaningfully touched your life.


A new way to send flowers

"Sending flowers has always been a beautiful way to connect us to the ones we love. This notion is the backbone of all aatei art and so it felt natural to start exploring flowers through floriography." - Chen

The Abstract Garden is an exploration of the flowers we can send to show love and support to one another.

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Collection highlights

Send flowers.... add a touch of gold to your walls.... all inspired by the people who we love the most.