About aatei

aatei (ah-tay)

"A poetic spelling of the Filipino word "ate" meaning elder sister. Not just reserved for those in your direct family, "ate" is a term used by Filipinos to show respect to any girl or woman slightly older than you. aatei is my reimagining of this term - to be used as endearment as well as respect towards women of all ages that have meaningfully touched your life.


Art created for aatei celebrates the ‘elder sisters’ who have helped, guided and inspired us. We hope these pieces bring to you the same beauty and joy that the women we take inspiration from bring us."

- Chen, creator of aatei
For any collaborations or other enquiries email: aatei@chensands.com


aatei was created as a response to the flood of support and love I received from the females in my life after being diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Now in remission, I still find myself unable to fully express in words or even actions the deep feelings of love and thankfulness I have for these women. During a year of recovery, I explored numerous art courses. This opened up new creative possibilities for me and what flowed after was a release of these emotions onto paper through the process of mark-making. With  aatei, I continue my journey in art and mark-making and creating new work that will enable everyone to show love and thanks to the ‘aatei’ in their lives.
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