The Abstract Garden - Friendship Bouquet No.2

The Friendship Bouquet

Zinnia for daily remembrance and endurance
Apple blossom to show preference
Pansy meaning 'thinking of you'
Eucalyptus for protection and strength

Together they symbolise a friendship that will last through the years.

The Abstract Garden series is inspired by floriography - where flowers and plants carry their own special meaning or symbolism. This 'language of flowers' was made popular in the Victorian times when friends and lovers (and even enemies!) passed hidden messages to each other through flower arrangements. The artworks are an exploration of the flowers we can send to show love and support to one another.

24 x 32 inches on 300gsm 100% cotton canvas, unframed

Mixed media - acrylic, oil pastel, watercolour, acrylic wool mix yarn, cotton thread, hand made merino roving 

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