The Abstract Garden

Welcome to..... The Abstract Garden
A series inspired by floriography - where flowers and plants carry their own special meaning or symbolism. This 'language of flowers' was made popular in the Victorian times when friends and lovers (and even enemies!) passed hidden messages to each other through flower arrangements. "The Abstract Garden" is an exploration of the flowers we can send to show love and support to one another. Using acrylics, pastels, ink and even wool, each piece celebrates the forms, smells, colours and meanings behind the chosen flowers.
"Sending flowers has always been a beautiful way to connect us to the ones we love. This notion is the backbone of all aatei art and so it felt natural to start exploring flowers through floriography. Researching all the flowers and their meanings for this series was incredible, it was so hard choosing the first flowers to create each artwork. There are still so many on my wishlist to interpret. I feel this is just the beginning!" -- Chen