Message Prints

A stylish letterbox friendly gift;  a beautiful print that comes with a special message and space for you to write a heart-felt note. When first opened, the receiver can read your loving words and stand it like a simple greeting card but then, once ready, they can turn it over to treasure and display for much longer as a real piece of art.


aatei’s mission is to encourage everyone to use art as a way to show love and support for those dearest to us - it is why we created the Message Print!

Gift art with meaning; by gifting a Message Print, your loved one will have a visual reminder of your message in a way that is more stylish and discrete than hanging up a normal greeting card yet more personal and sentimental than sending them a standard card reproduction of an artwork.

And in a world where so many things are bought, used and thrown away too quickly, we love that your heart-felt words can now be enjoyed for much longer than a traditional greeting card.

#amessagetoremember #artsentwithlove

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