Series TR No.2 - gold foil embellished

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Printed on fine art paper then finished by hand with glossy crackled gold foil. Signed by artist. 

40 x 50 cms

Please note this item will be shipped from the 12th December.


She is…a dreamer

She is…expressive

She is…a true romantic



Matte tan and pink and glossy deep teal and burgundy strokes sit over granulating special "Cascade" green-blue washes. Finished with confident lines of artists ink.

"The craggy peaks of the Cascade Mountains that divide lush, western Washington from the dry, high plains of the east, inspired this unique green. From damp evergreen forests, and alpine meadows to the drier, sunnier open forests....Cascade Green showcases a million shades ... (with) subtle variation from dark to light..."