Series T No.2 - Gold hand embellished

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Printed on fine art paper then finished by hand with glossy crackled gold foil. Signed by artist. 

40 x 50 cms

Please note this item will be shipped from the 12th December.



She sways like the ocean. Mesmerising and beautiful.

She is … tender and kind

She is … graceful

She is…magic


Bold washes of undersea green and sweeps of fresh pink sit next to nude brush marks  and lines of dark prussian blue, while honeycomb textured emerald green emerge from deep burgundy strokes.

“Undersea green blends French Ultramarine with Quinacridone Gold. The inorganic, sedimentary French Ultramarine settles and granulates while the organic, transparent Quinacridone Gold floats into a golden halo."